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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hong Kong Actors are Great !

Hong Kong in May was a fantastic experience but I do admit I was exhausted when I got back to L. A. However it was definitely worth it. Take a look at these fantastic actors, directors, writers and artists who were in the workshops in Hong Kong.

First of all, Jason Tobin, co-producer and actor-director-writer extraordinaire, was amazing once again. I could not do what I do in Hong Kong without the expertise of Jason. We put together some fantastic workshops and working with Jason made that a joy and a pleasure. I know that his directing and writing skills will bring him to some amazing projects. Look forward to seeing your work, Jason.
The Hotel Panorama was such a wonderful place to stay and a perfect place to teach my workshops. The view from the hotel is amazing. But for me, most important of all is the wonderful staff at Hotel Panorama. I felt like I was staying with a wonderful family of people - from my special ladies who kept my room so well kept (even with all my scenes stacked all over the place) to the smiling faces of the doormen to the Mistress d’ at the Café to Carmen and all her staff. Everyone made me feel so welcome and wanted to help me every day with anything I needed. If any of you are headed to Hong Kong, I highly recommend you stay at the Hotel Panorama, located in the heart of Kowloon, Hong Kong.
And what can I say about everyone at the AlivenotDead office? You rock! Helping with the signups, the publicity, the events surrounding our workshops, finding the fabulous Hotel Panorama and your enthusiastic support. Jason and I truly are honored to have your support and all the help you have given us each time we have scheduled the workshops.
I would like to sit here and write every exciting detail of the two-day workshops that I taught in Hong Kong. Of course this article would be the size of a book! I so enjoyed watching the wonderful people in my workshops grow in their work. I was thrilled as the directors in the workshops made huge leaps in their own acting abilities and their understanding of what actors need to give them a wonderful performance. I wish I could bottle up the laughter and the tears that these groups shared with each other. I know I will never forget each and every person who opened their hearts and souls, and allowed me to guide them for a few days in finding their strengths and also discovering their voices in their work. I only wish I could be there for a longer period of time. I feel like we just got started.
So to all the beautiful actors, actresses, directors, writers, artists and truly precious people who trusted me with their time and their talent, I thank you and I am honored that you would allow me to share with you what I have learned and have taught for so many years.
I look forward to traveling to Hong Kong again and continue this beautiful journey!


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