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Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Tribute to Paul Newman

I know that my blog is called Answers 4 Actors. But I can tell you that some of the answers we need to look at are the respected actors who came before us. Today we lost one of the best. My thoughts about Paul Newman. You will be missed.

After hearing the news about Paul Newman's death this morning on NPR, my heart was saddened.
I have seen so many movies in my life. Sometimes they fade but I still remember the first time I saw Paul Newman in Hombre. I remember seeing the opening scene with his blue eyes jumping out at me from the screen. I think that particular role stuck with me because he played a man that didn't fit in either of his worlds, the one he grew up in and the one he came from. I think I felt like that myself. His character was not a perfect hero. You know what I mean those perfect heros that most of us can't relate to and never seem to make mistakes. His character has his own demons and yet when he was faced with a decision finally did the right thing. On some level I saw that maybe I too could stand up, do what is right, and defend others who weren't strong or were being unfairly treated. I hope in my own small way I have continued to do that.

I remember someone saying, "When you know more, you must do more." Each time we learn of injustice or a struggle it is our responsibility to stand up. Tell some else, support those oppressed, speak out. I first saw Paul Newman play that part and then I watched Paul Newman do that in his own life.

Yes I will remember so many wonderful performances that I saw of Paul Newman all through my life. I feel honored to be in a profession that has members of his quality and courage. When people have been blessed what matters is what they do with that blessing.

Mr. Newman. Thank you for being a leader for all of us. You will be missed and you will be remembered.


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