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Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Right Questions for Actors

I finally wrote the book which is based on 20 years of coaching professional actors. It is called
The Right Questions for Actors. I could have used a hand book, a manual, a tool book to turn to when I needed guidance, when I knew something was missing. This manual is such a book.
I wanted a small manual actors could carry with them and they could turn to when they want to create exciting, believable characters.
If you are interested in purchasing the book, go to my site
www.JeanneHartmanActorsDetective. com

And please write to me on the site. I would love to know what questions particularly helped you solve your acting problems.

Keep searching. You will know better than anyone what you need to find the answers to creating a believable character. A person we will want to watch, a person we will care about.
A person that will affect those who watch him on stage or screen.



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