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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Huge Success Doesn't Fix Everything!


I have been watching for many years articles and stories about hugely successful people in many fields entertainment included who have sad even tragic stories. Why? When they get what they say they want so badly why does their life look so sad or even staggeringly tragic?

This morning I pulled out a yellowed, worn article that I had cut out of a newspaper a few years ago. It was about the suicide of an actor who had been on a series, who looked like to the outside world to be living his dream. I taped it to a card and on top I wrote, AN ACTING JOB DOESN’T FIX EVERYTHING. I put it on my desk where my clients could see it and where I could pull it out to remind actors that they need to put their life and their well being must be put on top of the Priority List.

As I hear about successful, famous people facing adversities, either self-induced or just the luck of the draw, I know we must remind each other that no success is more important than your health, your peace of mind, your friends and your family.

Don’t get me wrong! Success and great work achievement are important. We all want that. We all work hard for that. Of course that is true. But if you can’t be at peace with yourself in front of your own mirror when you are alone what good is all that success.

So definitely go out and fight for what you want to accomplish. Do what you need to do. But remember to spend time and effort on the gold that money can’t buy. Your health, both physical and mental. Your friendships. No, you really can’t buy true friendships. Your family. Okay maybe you didn’t’ choose them but do your best to care for them. And find joy and pleasure in all that life opens up to you that no amount of money can buy.

My heart goes out to those people who seem to have everything but we come to realize they were “lost”. We need to take care of each other. But first you must take care of yourself.


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